Book in Aldi

This book is about 70% vegan and a good price in Aldi at the moment, selling for £2.49.

Vegan Cereal bars, Fruit bars, Energy Sports bars and Flapjacks

Please let me know of others so I can fill in the gaps.

Has anyone seen any vegan ones in Aldi?

Little Angel bars found in the baby food section. There is also other little angel vegan foods such as rice cakes which are vegan friendly too.

any more?


Has anyone seen any other vegan ones in Coop?


Braw have several flavours of fruity/cereal bars.

Pulsin protein bars- sports shops and online mainly.
Clif bars all vegan and Cllif builders bars in many flavours such as chocolate, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter. Also available in large Boots stores. Here is a couple shown on amazon.

Trek have some lovely vegan bars

Beond bars

Creative Nature selection of vegan bars

 School bars come in many flavours and are available from health food stores,
supermarkets, bargain shops and pound shops

Selected Superdrugs sell bareBars

Bakery on Main have confirmed that all there cereal bars are vegan.
Don't know how widely they are available, but they are listed on Ocado and Amazon.

Fruitina fruit snack bars are widely available in healthfood shops and supermarkets as well as onlline.

Bear Yoyo fruit bars are widely available in health food stores and supermarkets.
They come in 6 flavours - strawberry, apple, blackcurrant, mango, pineapple and raspberry.

The Food Doctor bars are available from health food stores and online. They come in several flavours.

Frank bars are available at health food stores, online and Asda. They come in sevaral flavours.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood Bars in several flavours.

Holle Organic Fruit snack bars.

Taste of Nature Chilean Blueberry Snack bar. Other flavours available.

Fruitus Bars

Beet it bar (sorry about poor picture)

Multipower fruit bar. Not all bars are vegan. But this one with apricot on the front is. Others contain honey.

Nature Crops sold in selected Holland and Barrett stores.

They now have there own range of flapjacks, I think this is the only vegan one, but not 100% sure.

Not home brands, but sold in home bargains and only 29p!


There are several flavours of these muesli flapjacks and I think about 4 of them are vegan.

Any more ?

Has anyone seen any vegan ones in Morrisons?


Has anyone seen any other vegan ones in Sainsburys?

There is at least one more own brand I have found in Tesco too.
I think it was a strawberry one. I didn't like it though, where as I like these ones. 

Has anyone seen any vegan ones in Waitrose?

9 bar are gradually changing there bars to vegan, replacing the honey with golden syrup. 
Here is a couple of pictures, more coming soon.

Nakd bars are all vegan. Here is a small selection

Spotted these on a reduced rack - don't know how easy they are to find.

Goodies sold in the baby aisle.
Ella's Kitchen sold in the baby aisle

Ma Baker flapjacks are sold in a few outlets including health food stores and selected spars.

This granovita flapjack I found in Asda, but I think health food stores and online will be another source.

Hale and Hearty 2 types of flapjack sold in free from aisles and online.
Dove Farm Cereal Bars

Udi's strawberry and blueberry are found in free from aisles and the new cherry and apple flavours are currently exclusive to Tesco Lifestyle Foodfair until end of August

Humzinger fruit bars are available in poundland, supermarkets and online.

Fruit Factory Fruit Hearts
Available in supermarkets and online. Please note that some of there fruit products contain gelatine.

Blackfriars flapjacks sold in Poundland and Aldi amongst other places. There is about 3 or 4 vegan flavours.

Not a home brand, but I found these in T K Maxx.