What do vegans eat?

I have been asked this question many times over the years, so here is a list of vegan breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sandwiche fillings and dessert ideas.

Scrambled tofu with leftover potatoes sauted with baked beans and vegan sausages if desired.
Oats with mixed spice and dried fruitCereal/Muesli/Granola and soya milk
Pancakes with fruit/jam
Toast with nut butter or jam
Apple and apricot toastie (see recipe)
Beans on toast

Salad with a homemade burger (there is so much choice, based on lentils, nuts, rice etc)
Falafels, houmous and tabouli salad
Soups homemade or bought
Sandwiches- there is so much choice (see below)
Stuffed pepper with couscous
Jacket potatoes and salad with fillings such as baked beans, ratatouille, houmous, puy lentils and mushrooms with tomato, cauliflower and broad beans, mushrooms, spicy chickpeas, spinach and silken tofu with coriander, silken tofu with dill and lemon, roasted red peppers and olives, roasted vegetable in fresh tomato salsa, carrots and parsnips with tofu and walnuts, hazelnut salad with vegan mayo, sliced cherry tomatos with sun dried tomato vinegrette.
‘On Toast’ meals, toppings same as for jacket potatoes
Left over scramble, not just bubble and squeak– today I fried several shallots, a clove garlic, bit red pepper, a grated carrot, some ketchup and orange juice to moisten with two left over homemade burgers broken up, once cooked together scramble style I served on toast.

Stir Fry with marinated tofu (just chop tofu and sprinkle with soya sauce and herbs/spices)
Stew and dumplings made with or without soya mince (I prefer the frozen to the dry, its more of a meaty texture)(see recipe)
Vege chicken stew
‘Chicken’ and leek pie with mash and broccoli, carrots etc
Pasta, sauce and vegetables
Chilli non carne
Shepardless pie
Spiced millet with potatoes
Vegetable curry with rice
Kitchari and vegetables
Lentil dahl, veg and rice
Homemade haggis with potatoes and veg
Nut roast with stuffing, veg, gravy etc
Bean casseroles/hotpots
Spicy couscous
West African Groundnut Stew
Indian mixed vegetables with broccoli
Onion bhajis, samosa, pakora, rice, bombay potatoes etc
Savoury crumbles such as pumpkin or courgette
Vegan sausage casserole and mash
Bean, veg and sausage hotpot
These days it’s a lot easier to veganise any recipe if you use meat subsitutes, some are fairly new and only available from health food stores so are not cheap. Not to everybodys taste but easy to use in the beginning if your used to cooking with meat. You can buy frozen subsitutes for chicken, sausages, beef and mince.

Rice pudding/tapioca/semolina made with soya milk
Homemade crumbles/pies/cobblers served with vegan custard (if using birds custard, half milk for thick and ¾ for thin custard. If you use same amount as per instructions for dairy milk, it won’t work.)
Home made cakes/muffins.
Tinned, stewed or fresh fruit
Bread puddings
Chocolate mouse (avocado, banana and cocoa mixed)
Home made icecream/sorbet or just simply frozen banana or grapes
Homemade blancmange
Flapjacks/peanut butter bars
Chocolate rice crispies/rocky road/fridge cake/Chocolate cornflake crunch
fools made with silken tofu (see recipe)
homemade vegan cheesecake
Microwave sponge pudding
Nice cream
Nice cream sundae
summer pudding
chocolate log
mince pies

Sandwich ideas
banana and jam
banana and melted dark chocolate
banana mashed and soft brown sugar
banana and date
banana on it own!
Sliced beetroot, thinly sliced onion and tomato and salad cream
Carrot, orange and cumin spread
Chestnut pate

sliced apple and raisin
jam and grated carrot
Raisins or sultanas with chopped nuts and agave syrup
Houmous and grated carrot
houmous and beansprouts
Houmous and roasted peppers
Houmous, salsa, grated carrot & red cabbage
Houmous with mashed up ripe avocado
Houmous and salad
Raw Houmous
Yeast extract eg Vegemite/natex (Marmite alternatives)
Yeast extract and lettuce
Yeast extract and grated carrot
Yeast extract, tomato, and plain crisps
Yeast extract and Avocado
Fried mushrooms, onions and garlic
Mushroom pate
Any nut butter can be substituted for the peanut butter.
Peanut butter and jam
peanut butter and cucumber
peanut butter and raw onion
peanut butter and beetroot
peanut butter and banana
peanut butter and vegemite
peanut butter and sliced apple
peanut butter and melted chocolate
peanut butter and chocolate chip!
peanut butter, vegan cheese and jam
peanut butter and sultana's
peanut butter and sliced tomato
peanut butter and pickled onion
Peanut butter and agave syrup/golden syrup
peanut butter and salad
Nut butter with grated carrot
Savoury nut pate
There is so many bean pates that I would suggest searching on the net and seeing if you fancy trying any, there will be cannellini bean pate, kidney bean pate, houmous, mixed bean pate, red bean pate to name a few.
Lentil Pate
Lentil Pate made with ground lentils
Falafels with houmous and salad in a pitta bread.
Vegan subsitutes
Cheese –cheezly, sheese with all the usual combinations.
Meat slices such as redwoods ham, sage and onion, turkey, chicken and beef with all the usual combinations.Redwoods also do a roast turkey or beef joint which can also be sliced for sandwiches and ready to eat sausages too. I use the joint to make turkey and stuffing with apple sauce
Roasted vegetables. On there own or roasted and then put in a food processor with chickpeas and olive oil to make a pate.
Pesto (can be made with peanuts rather than pine nuts), cherry tomato and avocado.
tomato and salad cream sandwich.
green/black olive tapenade
tomato olive sandwich spread
Things to add to your sandwiches
grated carrots
sprouted pulses
salad cream, or dressings
Homemade Coleslaw

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