Credit crunch tips

Every week I will add some credit crunch tips to help in small ways to save the pennies.

Switch of the oven, hotplates, and iron a few minutes before you need to stop using them - they will stay hot for a long time. Heating devices use a lot of power.

If you are by the kettle when it reaches the boil switch if off by hand - the automatic cut off will leave it boiling and burning up electric for longer. Also, only boil the quantity of water you need as this will take less time and energy. I know this isn't practical if only needing a cup, as you need to cover the element, so any aditional water boiled can be saved in a flask to make a drink with later.

When using the oven, try to fill it! Main meal, dessert, stuffing, roast potatoes, baked potatoes. Even if its for a meal for another day. If you really need to put it on for just one thing, then pile up at the bottom of the oven your baking sheets and tins and this will make the space smaller to heat, meaning it will heat up quicker.

Look out for free coupons, online vouchers and discount codes before buying products or trip on the internet. Try sites like coupponstar, free in UK and Also don't forget those cashback sites like topcashback to save even more money or go via nectar and earn nectar points.

Shop around before renewing your motor or household insurance. Comparison sites like comparethemarket or confused will search thousands of policies and come back with the best deal.

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