Soya bean pudding substitute for soft silken tofu

I have discovered a product that can be used as a substitute for soft silken tofu. This also works out cheaper as you can make about the equivalent of 4 packs of silken tofu for £1.75. Its called soybean pudding and I got it from a chinese food shop. It cost me £1.75 (although I have seen it for £1.45 online, so may be cheaper elsewhere) and has 8 sachets for making soya pudding. This is very runny and doesn't have that much taste to it, its a pleasant not sweet milk type pudding. Its great for a silken tofu substitute to use for chocolate fool, as per the recipe posted yesterday if made to double strength. To use as a soft silken tofu substitute I used two packets to 200ml to make double strength and this then sets firmer. Leave to set in fridge and use as you would soft silken tofu. Please note its not as firm as firm silken tofu, so would not be good for a cheesecake filling, but great for soft puddings, smoothies etc. Although if using for smoothies, no need to make double strength.
Details of product from packet.
Mount Elephant Instant Soybean Pudding
Soybean pudding is made of soybean and cane sugar.
Dissolve the contents of one packet (32g) into a bowl, add 200ml of hot water (above 85c), stir with a spoon then let it stand for 5-10 minutes, or why not try it cool from a refrigerator
Product of China
100% vegetable - Dried extract of Soybean, Cane sugar, Vegetable protein

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