Trying new meat free recipes

Farming and slaughtering animals is now recognised as a significant contributor to today’s greatest environmental problems. Designating one day a week as Meat-Free is a simple action that each of us can take to reduce our contribution to climate change, help save polar bears (and many other animals) and ensure that we, and the planet we live on, have a future.

Of course I eat Meat Free every day and have done for over 15 years. But if one day is all you can manage its better than nothing and may lead to more as you find recipes you enjoy.

In May, Ghent City Council in Belgium announced that it would promote one meat free day and week. Read more
Sign up to the weekly Animal Aid Meat-Free Monday e-newsletter, and receive all the latest news concerning the impact of animal farming on the environment, plus a new meat-free recipe each week that you can try at home - together with info about tasty new products to add to your shopping list.
I signed up a couple of weeks ago as even I need new inspiration! The first recipe last week was West African Groundnut Stew which was delicious. I didn’t stick to the recipe exact as I don’t like a lot of chilli or garlic and I didn’t have any spinach, so instead I used peas and leeks (picture above). The recipe is featured in Meat-Free! Feed four for under a fiver. Order your free copy here. This weeks recipe was Hungarian Goulash and I made it tonight and delicious it was too. I off course adapted it as I didn’t have any tvp, so I used realeat frozen chicken style pieces. Original recipe came from A Vegan Taste of Eastern Europe by Linda Majzlik. Looking at other cultures is a sure way to find interesting new meat free recipes. Basically they were both stews which I make all the time, but neither were like anything I’d make before!
Its definitely worth signing up for the Meat-Free Monday e-newsletter even if its just for inspiration.

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