Bread and 'Butter' pudding

There is always a pile of crustless bread for me to make things with, so today it was a bread and 'butter' pudding with jam and it reminded me of jam roly poly and I just had to have a second portion!

I cut crustless bread in half to make triangles. I put vitalite margarine on one side and blueberry fruit spread on the other and layed them in a baking dish, so that the jam and margarine were facing each other. I then placed a few raisins in between the bread and grated a apple on top and pushed it in. I then poured on soya milk to soak the bread and sprinkled the top with mixed spice and then baked for 20 minutes and served with custard.

Other ways I use up bread apart from various bread pudding recipes are, breadcrumbs that then can be used in savoury or sweet dishes (I keep in the freezer), bread dumplings as mentioned before, summer pudding, winter pudding. Other ideas are bread soup, french toast and croutons.

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