The credit crunch cookbook

I have borrowed this book from the library and have enjoyed reading it. Although it wasn't really new to me, its good to refresh myself with it. Its not a veggie cookbook by any means and there is lots of information on animal products, but the book also included:

Waste not, want not
Think before you throw
Sections on what to do with leftover items such as bread, pototoes, fruit, veg etc etc
Pasta and rice
Beans and pulses
Ways to use up leftover veg - pilaff, curry, soup, ratatouille, stir fry, pasta sauce.
Ways to use up leftover fruit - banana split, poached pears, pineapple upside down cake, fruit trifle, summer pudding
Saving energy - slow cookers, microwaves, efficient baking etc
Feeding and filling children
Edible gifts
Planning ahead
Buying the best for less

I would definately recommend you borrow this book, its a interesting read and has lots of nice recipes. The ones I plan to try are carrot and lentil soup, pumpkin and root veg stew , instant apple crumble, crumbly raspberry and oat slices, green lentil soup root veg soup, cherry tomato tarts, lemon and basil orzo, chocolate risotto, pears with chocolate crumble, butternut squash risotto

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