Vegan 'scotch egg'

Last weekend I thought I'd experiment with a scotch egg type recipe, but was wondering what to use for the egg. I thought of mushrooms, tofu or potatoes. Well I decided to go with a new potato as they needed using up and was the least messy. This is what I did

4 potatoes
Vegan sausage mix that would make 4 sausages, e.g 1 pack granose or 1/2 pack asda 'sausage mix'

I peeled 4 potatoes and boiled them for a few minutes until just cooked. Whilst they were cooking I made up a pack of granose sausage mix. I drained and rinsed in cold water the potatoes. I then divided the mix into 4 and rolled and flattened a piece in my hand and placed a potato in the middle and put the mixture round it. After doing this for all four, I rolled them in polenta.
I then sprayed a tray with olive oil and a quick spritz on the balls and placed them in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Well they was very nice, but the potatoe didn't have much flavour, so next time I are going to marinate and fry some tofu and use that at the centre.

If you have any suggestions for other middles instead of potato or tofu, please post a comment.


  1. Hi
    For a centre you could try using falafel, stuffing mix or vegan haggis. When using these its best to form into balls, then freeze them, then wrap in the sausage mix.

  2. Hi grouchy,
    I like your suggestions, not sure if all the flavours would go with the sausage meat substitute, but will definately try them. I have a falafel mix and a stuffing mix in the storecupboard and when I make vegan haggis I certainly will save some for this experiment.
    Thanks again