Update on foraging

I have given up foraging until the spring. The ground is so saturated, a walk is no longer enjoyable and there is less food about anyway. Since starting to foraging in July this is what I found and what I did with it.

Cherries - ate them raw
Dewberries and blackberries - ate these both raw and cooked with apple as a crumble
Cloudberries - ate these raw
Rosehips - made syrup and have this as a hot drink
Elderberries - made syrup which I drunk as a hot drink and used over ice cream and I also used in crumbles
Damson small bitter - made syrup which I then used in sweet dishes, very tart on its own
Damson plums - ate raw
Apples - cooked in crumbles
Gelder rose - cooked with other fruit in puddings

Sloes - although I found lots of these, I didn't pick any this year.
Sweet chestnuts - I only found one tree that was accessable for picking only to rummage amongst the windfalls, so didn't bother.

Hope you managed to find time to forage enjoy eating and cooking your finds.

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