Raspberry and Oat Slices

This was made with the usual marg, flour, oats, sugar, but with the addition of raspberries in the middle.
You make up a flapjack recipe. Put half the mixture in a baking tin. Place raspberries on top, this is easier with frozen raspberries as you can easily push them around the edge and then pour the rest into the middle and press down. Then place rest of flapjack mixtre on top evenly.

Bake according to flapjack recipe until golden. Best to cut into slices and leave to cool before taking out of tin.

I followed a recipe from credit crunch cookbook, adapting it slightly.

Raspberry and Marzipan Ice Cream

I had some marzipan left over from making the battenburg cake, so this is the recipe I used to use some of it up. Not like my usual banana based ones, but so delicious.

Ice Cream recipe:


This is part of a Christmas 2008: Nouvelle collection that the vegetarian society put together and was published in many a magazine. Full details of both the novice and nouvelle recipes follow this link: