Mushroom loaf

I love to make dishes out of leftovers. I am often left with a pile of bread slice middles (hubbie loves to snack on the crusts!) and mushroom stalks and or mushrooms that were just not fresh enough for salad. So the other day, I decided to see what else was lurking in the fridge and cupboards that needed using up. There was one leek that was looking sad, I had bought several reduced, this was the last one to use up. I also had some dried soya mince that needed using, out out of date, just I only like using frozen in my mince style dishes. I also had some instant mash that I had been given and some dried apricots that were past there best. So this is what was created.

Mushroom Loaf

2 oz bread pieces torned up or breadcrumbs (this was 3 crustless slices of granary bread, but any would be suitable and more could be used.)
1 leek, chopped
8 oz mushrooms, chopped small
1 tbsp vegetable oil
4 oz dried soya mince
12 fl oz hot water with 1 tbsp yeast extract mixed in.
8 dried apricots chopped up
instant potato mash to thicken
sash black pepper
about heaped tsp dried mixed herbs

I used a silicon loaf pan, so I didn't need to grease it, but if using a tin, grease first. The loaf will be cooked at 180C which is gas 4 or 350F.
Firstly I fried the leek and mushrooms in the oil. Then I added the water/yeast extract, apricots and soya mince. Then after 5 minutes, I took off the heat and added the pepper and herbs and enough instant mash to thicken, mixing well. I then popped it into the pan and baked for about 1 hour.

This was delicious, I love the mix of mushrooms and apricots. I have had the mushroom roast hot with veggies, cold with salad and as a pate sandwich filling.

If you make a loaf like this, if its too sloppy you can add several things to thicken such as instant mash, leftover mash, breadcrumbs, 'breadcrumbs' made from ryvita, breadsticks, weetabix, other cereal. If its too dry add any liquid such as stock, soya sauce, soya milk, water, juice, depending on what you think might go best with the flavours.

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