Savoury birthday cake!!

It was my brother in laws birthday last week and he doesn't eat sweet food, so I made him a savoury birthday cake!

The cake was chickpea and chestnut bake, sandwiched together with homemade houmous, topped with houmous and olives and a red pepper heart! As he loved the bake at Christmas and his favourite food is black olives, I thought this would be the ideal combination and he enjoyed it too. Double the recipe for the cake version.

Slice of cake with salad anyone!!!

This is part of 'Healthy Vegan Fridays' over at Green Thickies

healthy vegan friday #21


  1. what a brilliant idea, it looks great, and I'm sure it tasted it too!! Reminds me of a birthday cake I made for my daughter when she was about 8, which looked like a pizza, but was a sweet cake, with grated marzipan to resemble the cheese topping!
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  2. I love this idea, so creative! I can't imagine anyone not liking cake as I have such a sweet tooth, but I wish I didn't sometimes.