Themed food ideas

Some people still think that vegans have a restricted diet. If you still think this, see this post for ideas. There is so much choice from all over the world such as:

Mexico - Beans, tortillas, guacamole and salsa

India - vegetable curries, chickpea curries, dhals, onion bhagis, spinach pakoras, chapaties, naan bread

East Asia - Tofu stir fry and rice

Italy - pastas, salads, foccacia, pizza without the cheese. Its also easy to make vegan versions of lasagne and pesto

Turkey - hummus, babaanoush, falafels, tabouli salad, pita bread

France - french onion soup with french bread, spinach salad and french dressing, green bean and potato salad, roasted garlic puree, ratatouille.

Mediterranean - Tuscan bean soup, breads, spicy couscous, risottos and olives

Thailand - Tofu pad Thai, noodles and rice

and the list goes on...........

Of course vegan versions exist for lots of meaty items like haggis, burgers, sausages, sausage rolls, fishfingers, cheese, mince etc - so its easy to do vegan version so lots of countries traditional foods and of course there is so many vegan recipes to veganise items such as quiches, irish soda bread, flans, cottage pie etc

So why not have fun and theme your meals around coutries/areas of the world for a change and see what you can come up with.

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