Another mushroom bake experiment

Had some mushrooms leftover again today, so made another savoury loaf, used just what I had lying around, nothing was measured. Just thought I'd share anyway. Not ment to be a recipe as such, just sharing with you the fact that you should be scared of experimenting. Well you might be wondering why the baby oats, especially when I don't have a baby. Well they were selling 3 packs of organix baby oats for a pound, thats why! I could resist the bargain and thought it would make a good thickener, when making this type of dish.

Some mushroom stalks, so around the equivelent of 5 medium button mushrooms, chopped up

about 1/8 fennel chopped, plus some fennel seeds

1 onion chopped

Some frozen chestnuts

A good squirt of chili tomato puree

A few slices of bread and some bread sticks broken up

yeast extract mixed with a bit hot water

fig and apple instant baby oats!

I fried the onion, mushrooms, chestnuts, fennel, fennel seeds in olive oil and the added some water when it started to stick to get the taste of the brown bits from the bottom of the pan, then when it went dry I added it to my other ingredients. Which I had already broken up the bread and bread stick and added the yeast extract and hot water mix and this made a thick mess! I then combined the bread mixture and the mushroom mixture and then added the instant oats to thicken. I then baked for about 20 mins at 180.

May not appeal to you and certainly not as nice as last weeks mushroom bake, just don't be afraid of experimenting with your leftovers.

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  1. I love it - I too have bought organic baby oats when they've been on special offer, just for this purpose. My friends think I'm crazy, and maybe I am, but not for buying useful store cupboard standbys on special offer!!

    I also bought some organic baby rice cakes at 19p a pack in some wonderful store, perfect size for little snacks with drinks, and easier than making tiny pancakes or fiddling with cutting out discs of bread :)

    Tasty idea, thanks for sharing:)

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