Cake -fat free or sugar free but not both

Today I was going to make a parsnip cake, then decided to make it carrot cake as I had so many carrots. Then I thought use apple sauce instead of margarine, dried fruit instead of sugar, extra carrot instead of banana. What was I thinking, making so many changes in one go. There was then just not enough liquid as the only other ingredient was juice of one orange. So instead I had to put a cup full of orange juice to dissolve the flour and baking powder. Anyway it was edible, looked like carrot cake, just tasted too much of orange juice! Not to be repeated and although I love to play with recipes, not so many changes in one go I think. So no recipe today!
So don't be afraid to changes things a little, if you want to adapt a cake recipe you can usually make it fat free or sugar free but not both, although perhaps low in both.

I think there has been too many experiments lately! So I think when I start eating my way round the world, hopefully next week I shall have to follow recipes!

I also plan to do a eating around the UK as part of this, with recipes from each county of England and then one or two from Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Like the hairy bikers did, but veganised versions! So I shall start with lancashire hotpot as i'm in lancashire and I liked the look of the one that the creater of eating your way round the world did recently for her England creations.

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