Costs of getting your 5 a day

When discussing the 5 A DAY campaign with people, I get the feeling that they think its too expensive and difficult to achieve. Of course this suprises me, as I eat way over 5 a day. It can be expensive if you eat out of season or organic. I am all for organic and buy quite a few things organic, but this article is to show you can eat your 5 a day easily even if on a budget. See earlier post for more info too.

Why not have a glass of orange or apple juice with your breakfast which you add some dried raisins to. A apple or banana for a snack. Then add some pickled beetroot, grated carrot and lettace to your lunchtime sandwich. Then have some frozen vegetables with your evening meal and if you include pulses too, they count as well. Followed by some canned fruit such as pineapple. Of course if you manage to forage any fruit or greens, that would be free!
All the items mentioned can be supermarket own brands, to keep the costs down. See its easy and cheap too! I've just had a quick look on and apples are 11p each, bananas are about 16p each, 150ml or apple or orange juice is 9p, 2 canned pineapple slices would be about 2p!

Tips to get 5 A DAY on a budget.
Foraging for free food such as blackberries in autumn.
Buy fruit and vegetables loose rather than pre-packaged. Loose fruit and veg can be as little has half the price.
Look for supermarket deals on fruit and vegetables, such as buy one get one free offers.
Fruit and vegetables are usually cheaper if they're in season.
Fruit and vegetables are often cheaper at your local market.
Replace your morning or afternoon snack with a piece of fruit. A banana or an apple costs around 11-20p at the supermarket, about half the price of most chocolate bars or packets of crisps. The savings add up and so do the health benefits.
Don’t throw away vegetables that are about to go out of date. Use them in stews, soups and casseroles, which you can freeze and eat another time.
Stock up on canned fruit and vegetables. They count towards your 5 A DAY and won’t go off, so you can buy them in bulk. Buy those canned without added salt or sugar. Supermarket own-brand varieties are usually the cheapest.
Look for good deals on frozen and dried fruit and veg, such as frozen peas and dried pulses and beans. They are often cheaper than fresh varieties.
Swap ready meals for homemade alternatives. Vegetables in dishes such as stews, bakes, casseroles and curries count towards your 5 A DAY, and cooking these dishes yourself is cheaper than buying them ready-made.
Cook in bulk and freeze portions to eat another time.


  1. Hi, I very much agree! Even if you wanted to get all 5 colours a day you can do it from a normal supermarket for 19p a day :)

    Weezl x

  2. Hi Weezl,

    I knew you would know the lowest figure! I was going to work it out, but didn't have the time, too busy reading your thread!

    The Vegan Womble

  3. you are so right!!! Some people don't realise that they need to have 5 different fruits.veggies and believe that if they eat 3 apples, that's 3 of their 5, but that's not the case, as we know:-)
    I saved some money making my own raspberry vodka a couple of weeks back, whent the supermarket was selling an overstock of raspberries at 19p each!!!