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Kidney bean bake/burgers/sandwich spread

Today I decided to make some kidney bean burgers, that a friend featured on her blog this week. I had recently purchased some gillian mckeith organic tinned beans for just 19p a can, so this was a ideal recipe for me to use a tin up. Unfortunately they didn't turn out like burgers for me, the soft mixture just stuck to the pan. I notice Christine had used a non stick pan and I guess that was the answer. The original burgers are featured here and if you have a non stick pan, I suggest you try them. Anyway depite a lot of the burger sticking to the pan, they did taste delicious, so thanks Christine. I served with salad and 2 potato waffles. The mixture uncooked would make a very good sandwich spread. I did use 1/4 red pepper and a dash of chilli powder instead of the chillis, but everything else I did the same.

I then added to the leftover mixture the rest of the tofu and kidney beans and thickened the rest of the mixture with 2 slices bread, 3 oatcakes and baby instant oats and stuck it in a loaf pan to bake for dinner this evening to serve with potatoes, loads of veg and gravy. The mixture was very thick at this point and I could of easily shaped it into burger shapes, but faced with the washing up, I decided to go for the easy option of placing it in a non stick silicone loaf pan.

I baked for 30 mins at 180C and then sliced the kidney bean bake to serve. It was still soft, so perhaps it would of been better as burgers. However it was very tasty and something I would do again. It was more like a kidney bean pate than a bake, so I know what I'm taking to work tomorrow in my sandwiches!! UPDATE: It was delicious in a salad sandwich, although it had firmed up. So the rest will serve with potatoes, veg and gravy at the weekend. Yum!

So basically if you want to experiment feel free. Thanks Christine for sharing the burger recipe.

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