Frugal Living - great for our post-excess recession times.

Frugal living: Making the most of what you've got and the most return for the least expense. This can include selling off things you don't need to make extra money and using the various websites to buy what you need at the best possible price. There is two sorts of money saving. One is paying less for what you purchase, whether its broadband, dvds, mobile phone charges or food etc. The second is maximizing your interest rates for any bank accounts and using cashback sites to maximise savings. Being frugal doesn't mean you are a scrooge. Eating at fast food burger bars is cheap. Cooking dinner and saving the leftovers for lunch the next day is frugal.

Shoping online
Not everything is automatically cheaper on amazon or ebay, using sites such as will let you know how much as particular dvd is on all the main selling sites such as amazon, hmv, play, and many more, so you can see which is the best value. This site can also be used for books, just replace dvd with book in the website address. Once you find the cheapest site use a cashback site such as to receive cashback on your purchases. Amazon and ebay are not on this site, but may of the ones that come up cheap on the find sites are. You can also get great deals on insurance and broadband packages. Amazon and ebay are on the site, so you can gain some points to use for your sainsburys groceries or nectar deals. Purchase through amazon receive one nectar point per £1 spent and ebay collect 1 point per £1 on Winning Bids and Buy-It-Now items.
Hope this helps you save money on any online purchases you are looking to make.

Ebay tip: Thousands of items are listed on eBay with spelling mistakes.These often end with no bids as no-one can find them. Use to find these bargains!

MoneySavingExpert is the king of economy websites, it'll tell you how to do almost everything to save money. The site is split in to key sections for saving money on shopping, utilities, phones, banking, transport, insurance etc. There is also a great forum that has many areas. My favourate being the frugal old style section. Make MoneySavingExpert at the top of your top ten websites to check out each day. There is also a great weekly newsletter with up-to-date bargains and tips. Sign up to it today.


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