Millet recipe experiment

I started today with the intention of making millet and swiss chard casserole as featured on vegweb. The only changes I was making was to use red pepper instead of semi hot pepper and spinach instead of swiss chard. Well I was feeling lazy and didn't really think it though. I though I can't be bothered to fry the onion separate and create more washing up, so I will bung everything in one pot. Now at first glance this is like what I do when making spicy millet, except of course you need to add more water so it doesn't stick. Well I realised about the water just after adding the onions, but did not add enough, so it stuck to the bottom. So I had to swap pans, giving me the extra pan to wash up anyway! I now added more water and the millet was cooked quite quickly, but not dry and fluffy as it should be, more stodgy. So instead of it becoming a casserole, I took some out to serve cold with salad with the addition of some dried mint and tried to dry it out and fluff it up a little. I then put some in another pan with a pint of stock and veggie mince and mixed veg and that became a stew. The rest, that was stodgy, I decided to turn into burgers by adding some bread which I rubbed though my fingers to make sort of breadcrumbs. I then formed this mixture into 7 burgers and 6 roasts (muffin tin shapes). Pictures are of the stew, cold millet salad and burgers/roasts before they went in the oven. I sprinkled the burgers/roasts with paprika. So one recipe became three, so as before, don't give up when things go wrong, try your best to turn them into something else. I also have burgers/roasts and stew for the freezer.

Salad was nice to taste, just a little stodgy, will see what its like tomorrow
Stew was nice, but did need more flavour. However my dad wasn't keen on it, which is a shame as I was planning on freezing it for some of his future meals. Looks like I will have to spice it up a bit and eat it all myself!
Burgers - these were a bit boring. I served with mash, veg and gravy. But once I added mint sauce to them, they were much better. I tried one cold later and it was ok and you could realy taste the red pepper, although not fantastic. I have frozen the burgers/roasts for later use and plan on eating some of the stew tomorrow when at work and look forward to my kidney bean bake and veg when I get home. I wouldn't say this was a total failure, there is just more flavour needed. However, I am not planning on repeating this experiment or the original recipe I started out to try.

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