Simple inexpensive pleasures

Pleasure need not be expensive, here are some free and cheap ideas for you to enjoy.

Make some home made fudge and enjoy with a cup of tea and a good (library) book.

Spend an evening making homemade bird treats - for example coat a pine cone with peanut butter and then cover in wild bird seed or string peanuts in their shells for tasty winter treats.

Wrap up warm and go for a long walk in the park or countryside or the optional! Take a thermos of coffee or soup.

Visit your parents or grandparents - you will give a lot of pleasure to them and have happy memories yourself.

Do a jigsaw.

Watch a favourite film. (dvds can be hired inexpensively from the library or record off the tv)

Watch tv on your pc with sites such as

Go for a cycle ride.

Do some charity work.

Go for a walk along the canal or river and feed the ducks (not bread)A good feed supplier should be able to sell you some duck food. Or the RSPCA do a special wildfowl (duck and swan ) food =2&nav_id=24

Go and forage for some free food. Get a good library book on the subject to help, otherwise stick to things you are sure you recognise such as blackberries in autumn.

Visit a museum or hall and go for a walk in the grounds also.

Playing cards or any boardgame.

Make rice krispie/cornflake cakes - melt some chocolate and stir in some cereal - done!

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