It has been suggested that I do a tip of the day, as every week in my day to day conversations I pass on tips. Sometimes its something i've done for years, other times its something i've just found out. I get my tips from friends, books, newsletters, websites, forums and magazines. I am sure there will be loads that you use or have heard of, but hopefully there will be some new ones occasionally. The tips will be covering lots of areas - cooking, gardening, sewing, frugal tips, moneysaving tips, bargains etc

So here we go with the first one.

To get more juice out of citrus fruit such as limes, oranges or lemons, warm one in the microwave for a few seconds, then roll it around on your worktop with the palm of your hand.

Also before you peel an orange or lemon to eat or use in your recipes, grate (or peel and chop) the skin to make your own orange/lemon peel. This can then be frozen for use in future recipes. This is best with organic or non waxed fruit of course, as you wouldn't want to add the wax coating to your recipe.

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