E.A.T. - Middle East

I've not had the best cooking day! I intened on making falafels, tabouleh salad, houmous and flat bread for a middle eastern theme.
I did make falafels, but I added too much liquid and they were sloppy, so I baked them. I made tabouleh salad and added too much lemon, so wasn't brilliant. I then made houmous, which wasn't one of my best, so added some soaked sun dried tomatoes to improve it. I then decided to abandon the flatbread, as the cooking wasn't going well. I did eat what I'd made with a very colourful salad, so thought i'd take a picture anyway, but won't be sharing the recipes this time round. Will come back to the middle east later.

The rest of the falafels went in the freezer for later and the houmous will go in sandwiches or with salad over the next couple of days. We did eat all the tabouleh salad though. Better luck next time.

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