Nut butter

Tested another recipe for Weezl's vegan 80p a day plan. Based on her original pumpkin seed nut butter, substituting brazil nuts for some of the peanuts. Don't know if this will be the final ratio, we want to incorporate the 148g of brazil nuts that a family of 4 would need per week to meet the selium requirements in the UK as the soil contains very little. So there may be another test yet, because rapeseed oil and pumpkin seeds are in the recipe, is also high in omega 3 fatty acids.

100g brazil nuts
300g salted peanuts
150g pumpkin seeds
70mg veg oil

I started by grinding the brazil nuts, then added the peanuts and pumpkin seeds. Once ground I added the oil and stirred in, until fully mixed. Its yummy! Ideal on toast for breakfast or in sandwiches with grated carrot for lunch.

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