Recycling jeans

I have just completed a free taster course at the local college on how to make a bag out of a pair of jeans. There is lots of tutorials on the net if your interested, just search for them. So now I have a unique denim bag and have packed my rucksack away until I take up walking regularly again. I have also picked up a few more pairs of jeans for 10p from a jumble sale, so that I can make some more, how exciting!
Here are pictures of the front and back of the bag.


  1. how fascinating - which site did you find most useful? could you post a link, please, then I can have a go, too:-)
    Jumlbe sales and charity shops are wonderful places:-)

  2. Hi Christine,
    The course was at the local college. I shall look for a link to a similar online tutorial for you and post it later. I've updated the post with pictures now. Yes I just love jumble sales and charity shops!