Savoury and sweet butternut squash pie!

Good job I tried dessert first!!

Just made the pumpkin pie with butternut squash from weezls blog. I made it without the sugar and with wholemeal pastry, well almost, rang out of wm, so used 175g wm, 25g plain flour. I enjoyed the pastry, but the pie, not being sweet with me not putting sugar in, had to become a savoury pie. As the sides were still soft after slicing, I stuck mixed herbs to the sides and then topped with gravy.

So I guess with some herbs and perhaps onion/garlic this could also be made into a lovely savoury dish.

I don't use much sugar in my desserts and non if possible, but this just isn't sweet without, so next time, I am going to add raisins and perhaps agave syrup! So I will try a different sweet and savory version sometime and let you know.

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