Another bag out of a pair of jeans

I've made another bag from a pair of jeans . Couldn't resist buying these embroidered kids jeans from the charity shop. As the decorative colours are orange and pink, the colours I seem to live in, it was ideal. They are easy to make. Chop the legs off, leaving a pair of shorts. Unpick the seams to about half way up and then lay fabric opening flat over each other and resew seams. You now have a mini skirt. Turn inside out and sew it into a bag. Make handles out of one of the legs. Make a lining and sew inside by hand. For detailed instructions search the web or you tube for tutorials.

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  1. they look lovely, I must see if I can find a good tutorial and have a go myself, especially if I can find a pair in a charity shop with zipped pockets:-) Thanks for sharing this.

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