Sponge Pudding

I have probably linked to this recipe before, but just wanted to say how versitile it is.

Microwaved steamed sponge pudding

I am not a fan of microwaves and only bought one to warm wheat bags for when we have bad backs. But I just can't resist this recipe if I fancy a cakey type pudding as its so quick. I guess you could do it in a steamer, but I wouldn't have the patients to do it and see how long it cooks. Who knows, it may take up to 3 hours!

You can vary the jam filling, the original has golden syrup, but I have tried it with many different fruit spreads and I always add more so that each person gets a good dollop! I think i've done it with apple pieces also and apple sauce. It serves 2-3 (possibly 4) depending on how greedy you are!

I have made this many times and each time make it different and it seems to work. I have made it with less oil and more water and less sugar. I have also replaced some of the flour with ground almonds, added almond essence and sprinkled flaked almonds on top for a bakewell tart type of pudding. I have also used a mixture of wholemeal flour and gluten free flour. Next time plan to try all gluten free to see if it works. Basically don't be afraid to experiment. It may not turn out perfect, but it will probably be edible. If in doubt reduce the recipe to save money incase it goes wrong.

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