Garlic mushroom stuffed bubble and squeak

Was going to make garlic mushroom stuffed bubble and squeak, but forgot to cook the cabbage! So I am making a note of it here for a later date to try, as the idea has come from a library book!

Cooked potatoes/sweet potatoes/parsnip/carrots, mashed
Cabbage shredded and cooked
Vegan margarine
Mushrooms, chopped finely
garlic, crushed
sesame seeds or chopped mixed nuts
1 tbsp soya flour mixed with 2 tbsp water

Oven 190/375/Gas 5
Mix veg with marg and season.
Fry mushrooms and garlic in oil
Make a burger shape with the mash and put a tsp of mushrooms in the centre and cover with more mash.
Mix breadcrumbs and seeds/nuts in a shallow dish. Dip each patty in the soya paste and then roll to coat in the breadcrumbs.
Bake for 35-40 mins, until golden, turning once.

This recipe idea is from simply good food by the vegetarian society. Although I won't be using the exact same quantities or mash mixture, the idea sounds good and a bit more interesting than a bubble and squeak and we often have mushrooms that are only good enough to cook. I hope to try it when I next have left over mushrooms even if its means cooking from scratch, rather than using leftovers.

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