Burgers into cottagey pie!

Well its no food waste week..........

I made mini oat burgers and when the recipe said 2 tsp of yeast extract I was too generous and they had a very strong yeast extract taste. This was a shame as the burgers formed perfectly and didn't fall apart when fried. But I don't like the taste of yeast extract, I use it because its full of B vitamins and a ingredient in many recipes and you usually cannot taste it in the final product. Anyhow, I had only fried 3 to try and had lots left and as I don't like to waste food, so I broke them up, added some baked beans and lots of chopped cherry tomatoes and topped with some leftover mash which was potato/sweet potato, carrot and parsnip. This made a lovely cottagey style pie for 4. Well it was yummy. So none of them got wasted and I made a lovely meal. So now I will have to invent a cottagey pie recipe based on what I did and post it at a later date with pictures.

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