Aduki bean burgers

I decided to cook all the beans that had gone out of date and make some burgers. Taking inspiration from a recipe I had saved from asda magazine. In the kids cooking section there was a bean burger recipe using canned adzuki beans and there was no onion chopping, as bonus when your in a hurry.

I didn't have all the ingredients such as onion chutney, but I substitued mango chutney and it worked superbly. No real weighing here, but this is what I used.

Cooked aduki beans, probably about the equivilent of just about a can full!
2 sun dried tomatoes from a jar, drained and chopped.
Mixed dry herbs
2-3 slices of bread, broken up into crumbs by hand
1 tsp of oil fromt he sun dried tomatoes jar
1 tbsp mango chutney

Mashed together and shaped into 6 burgers. Brushed with oil and baked for about 15 mins.


Its funny how the burgers that don't follow an exact recipe seem to turn out better than the ones that I follow a exact recipe!


  1. and also funny that, although you think you'll be able to remember what you used because it was so easy, somehow you don't remember it exactly the next time! The more delicious the result, the less likely you are to remember it accurately, in my experience:-(

  2. Nice and simple, this sounds great! Always happy to find more uses for adzuki beans too, they're one of my favorites.