Dips into sandwich spreads

If you see a dip recipe that you might fancy as a spread don't be scared of thickening it with breadcrumbs or beans to make it into a spread or add less liquid then the recipe says instead and it might work.

I made a Pea and mint dip into a spread last week. I don't have the recipe I based it on know as it was out of a library book, but basically as far as I remember it was pouring boiling water over frozen garden peas in a colander and then whizzing them with mint and water. I then added some breadcrumbs to thicken and left in the fridge to firm up. Odd, but tasty!

Garlic mushroom stuffed bubble and squeak

Was going to make garlic mushroom stuffed bubble and squeak, but forgot to cook the cabbage! So I am making a note of it here for a later date to try, as the idea has come from a library book!

Cooked potatoes/sweet potatoes/parsnip/carrots, mashed
Cabbage shredded and cooked
Vegan margarine
Mushrooms, chopped finely
garlic, crushed
sesame seeds or chopped mixed nuts
1 tbsp soya flour mixed with 2 tbsp water

Oven 190/375/Gas 5
Mix veg with marg and season.
Fry mushrooms and garlic in oil
Make a burger shape with the mash and put a tsp of mushrooms in the centre and cover with more mash.
Mix breadcrumbs and seeds/nuts in a shallow dish. Dip each patty in the soya paste and then roll to coat in the breadcrumbs.
Bake for 35-40 mins, until golden, turning once.

This recipe idea is from simply good food by the vegetarian society. Although I won't be using the exact same quantities or mash mixture, the idea sounds good and a bit more interesting than a bubble and squeak and we often have mushrooms that are only good enough to cook. I hope to try it when I next have left over mushrooms even if its means cooking from scratch, rather than using leftovers.

Apple and almond coleslaw

I made a simple coleslaw with the following ingredients. The almonds, dried fruit or salad cream were not measured.

1 apple, chopped or grated
50g cabbage, finely shredded
flaked almonds
Raisins, sultanas and currents
Mix with lots of vegan salad cream until the right consistency!

Eat and enjoy. This was still good after 3 days.

Sun-dried tomato, chickpea and basil spread

This is what I used, feel free to play with amounts, use different beans or perhaps add garlic.

lemon juice (I used a squirt of bottled juice, but about 1/2 a fresh lemon I think)
2 tbsp tomato puree
14 sun-dried tomatoes, chopped up
2 tbsp flaked almonds (ground almonds would be better)
12 basil leaves
1 can chickpeas
ground flax seed (started off with about 1 tbsp and add more to thicken if necessary)
black pepper to taste

Add all ingredients to the food processor and whiz until desired consistancy, adjusting quantities as required. This does make quite a bit, so if its only for one person, reduce quanties to perhaps half and make a chickpea salad or something with the other chickpeas.
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