Nut roast

The old question of what to have for dinner. The vegetables was already prepared this morning, it was what to cook with it and that would be made and cooked in the 20 minutes it takes for the vegetables to steam. Well I looked in the fridge and bread bin to see what needed using up. Several slices of different breads and a breadroll, a few cashews, a few brazil nuts, a few sliced almonds and a few mixed salted nuts and half a tin of beans. So I made a microwaved steamed nut roast. I have never used a microwave to cook a nut roast, it only usually gets used for a rare sponge pudding and to warm wheatie bags!

I chopped and cooked an onion in the microwave for a couple of minutes with a bit of water. I had no idea if this would work, but it did. Whilst this was cooking I whizzed the bread into breadcrumbs. I then mixed these in a bowl with the onions/water and a teaspoon of yeast extract and a teaspoon of mixed herbs. I then whizzed up all the nuts and added these and then the leftover baked beans. Cooked for 7 minutes and served with the steamed potatoes and veg and instant gravy. A quick meal, that was enjoyable and has made some room in my fridge!

Although not the best nut roast I had, it was quick tasty and could easily be made into a tasty regular meal with a bit of tweaking.

Burgers into cottagey pie!

Well its no food waste week..........

I made mini oat burgers and when the recipe said 2 tsp of yeast extract I was too generous and they had a very strong yeast extract taste. This was a shame as the burgers formed perfectly and didn't fall apart when fried. But I don't like the taste of yeast extract, I use it because its full of B vitamins and a ingredient in many recipes and you usually cannot taste it in the final product. Anyhow, I had only fried 3 to try and had lots left and as I don't like to waste food, so I broke them up, added some baked beans and lots of chopped cherry tomatoes and topped with some leftover mash which was potato/sweet potato, carrot and parsnip. This made a lovely cottagey style pie for 4. Well it was yummy. So none of them got wasted and I made a lovely meal. So now I will have to invent a cottagey pie recipe based on what I did and post it at a later date with pictures.