Don't look at the size - look at the fabric!!

I bought a little girls dress (age 4
-5) from a charity shop for 50p recently. I thought the fabric was pretty and thought I might make a bag out of it. I cut it into the different components, dress with lining, bib, trim, ties, straps, and several pretty
buttons. When I cut it up however, I realised there was enough fabric to make me a dress with extra left over! First I pulled the lining up to the top. This was the basic of the dress. I added elastic to the waist and top and cut a large section out as it was far too big. Finished dress including belt!! Anyway, this was a great challenge, but unfortunately I didn't like the dress. I made a skirt out of it instead and some crafty decorations with some of the leftover fabric. I still have some leftover patterned fabric, lining, trim and buttons for future projects. Still find it hard to believe that there was enough fabric out of a 4-5 year old dress to make a size 14 dress with left over fabric!!

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