Upcycled bangles

On the theme of upcycling and what to do with items instead of putting them in the recycling bin. I decided this evening was the day for making two bangle type bracelets out of a water bottle. I took the strip with three grooved straight sections from behind the label on a empty bottle and cut them down into a single strip and a double strip.

On the double piece of plastic I attached a piece of leftover trim that I used to make a skirt long enough to where for work (no mini skirts allowed!). I still need to put a press stud on the ends to fasten, but I couldn't wait to take a picture. I started to put the press stud on the wrong way round, so decided to abandon for the night and finish tomorrow. I think I may also add a few beads to trim.

On the single piece of plastic I covered with organza ribbon that I had attached a 3 flower piece of ribbon that I had sewed on three buttons. I stuck the flower trim to the organza ribbon with double sided tabe and then sewed on the buttons and then attached the whole thing to the plastic with double sided tape. Don't know how long it will last but it was a great was to use some odds and ends up. I will also finish off with a press stud tomorrow.

Precycling and Upcycling

You may never have to recycle again!! Recycling is supposed to be one of the best things for the planet, but it also has its own footprint. Its takes a lot of energy to recycle, so why not precycle/upcycle.

Before you thow that jar/can in the recycling bin think about turning it into something else. A good wash, a bit of paper and crafty bits and some creativity and you can turn your recyclables into unique items for your home or presents. Such as this pin cushion or this pencil holder calender.

Decorate a jar or empty tall yogurt pop, wash and take off the label. Cover in handmade mulberry paper, some buttons or other fancy crafty bits and some ribbon and a fancy label tag and fill with epson salts and a few petals and give as a nice bath salts gift.

Making homemade jam, sauces etc is also a good use for the jars, but if you don't want to make homemade jam etc, why not pass on your jars to someone that does using freegle.

Why not decorate a biscuit or chocolate tin left over from christmas and make survival kits for presents

A friend of mine has just started a new years resolution upcycle challenge where she plans to upcycle clothes, food etc and not buy any new clothes for a year, just crafty bits to do the projects, check out her website and blog for inspiration. Or why not follow and do the same or something similar. I shall be doing more upcycling this year and we plan to get a group of us doing the same via Preston Green Centre. I will post what I do as I do it.

Enjoy precycling........