Well I had another base to use up as two came in the pack. So another sweet and savoury pizza.

Savoury - tomato sauce, spring onions, chickpeas, tofu, oil, ground almonds.
Sweet - bramble and liquorice jam, desicated coconut, chopped dried apricots that had been soaking in water, chopped nuts. I served this one with coconut cream.
Yum Yum!!

Savoury and sweet pizza

Inspired by the pizza on food hospital of roasted veg and chickpeas I decided to create my own. Only I didn't fancy a whole pizza, so made half of it into a dessert. I devided up the base so one half was slightly bigger than the other, as I wanted a larger savoury slice.

Savoury: I covered the base with passata and then topped with roast vegetables which had been roasted earlier (carrots, spring onions, sweet pepper). I then added a splash of balsamic vinegar and rapeseed oil and topped with a few slices of tomato. I then sprinkled ground almonds on top.

Sweet: I spread with cocoa and hazelnut spread, then topped with sliced bananas. Sprinkled over some dessicated coconut and ground almonds.

Both sides were yummy.