My attempt at make up art!

Been painting with make up. I have some beauty without cruelty make up left over from when I used to wear make up and decided to see if I could 'paint' a canvas with it. I should of really kissed the canvas to get better lips, as these are not good and out of proportion!

Foundation base, powder and blusher added over. Eye shadows and eye liner finished with diamante eye lashes and lipstick! The lipstick didn't really want to dry, so I had to pat it a lot and then I coated it all in hairspray to set.


  1. It reminds me of that chick in Doctor Who. Looks cool!

  2. Thanks. I knew it reminded me of something! If your a doctor who fan you will like my next post!

    1. Ha ha, yes MASSIVE doctor who fan!!! My husband and I love it! Can't wait for your next post!!!