The convenience way of vegan sandwich making!

In response from a local veggie cafe I put this list together, hope some of you may find it useful.

These are useful to have in to make sandwiches extra special:Roasted red peppers, vegan pesto, vegan mayo, vegan salad cream, crispy dried onions, chutney, curry powder, dried herbs, vegan horseradish, picked onions, picked red cabbage, picked beetroot, picked guerkins, sweet freedom, golden syrup, jam, yeast extract such as vegemite or natex, mustard, sun dried tomato paste, pickle, seeds, raisins, cinnamon, sundried tomatos, capers, crisps, salsa, saverkraut, apple sauce, tapendade, cranberry sauce, mixed bean salad, salt and pepper.

Redwood meat slices (ham, turkey, chicken, beef, sage & onion, bacon, garlic sausage style, pepperoni) or chorizo chucks made up in the traditional ways such as

Ham and cheese

Ham, mayo and dried onion

Ham, Dijon mustard, sweet freedom and sesame seeds

Chicken with mayo, chutney and raisins

Chicken with mayo and curry powder

Beef with horseradish and dried onion flakes

Sage and onion slices with apple sauce

Turkey with cranberry sauce

Garlic sausage style with mayo and olives

Chorizo with vegan mayo

Pizza style – sundried tomato, olives, roasted vegetables, pepperoni and optional cheese

Also seitan slices as above.

Redwoods vegideli – duck, chicken style pieces, beef, falafels, sage & marjoram ready to eat sausages, ready to eat pork style sausages.

Redwoods vegideli mushroom pate, tuna pate, beanfeast pate (11 different beans and seeds), Brussels style pate.

Redwoods also have vegan cheese cheezly in 9 flavours , Sheese also has 9 flavours and makes the tesco own brand free from cheese. So vegan cheese with all the usual combinations.

Sundried tomato paste and vegan cheese

Vegan cream cheese such as sheese (5 flavours) tesco free from range or tofutti (a few flavours)

Vegan cream cheese and strawberry jam

Cream cheese with dried fruit and sunflower seeds

Cream cheese with pickle

Yeast extract and plain vegan cream cheese

Tofutti also do vegan cheese slices in more than one flavour

8 Vegusto No-Moo range cheeses

8 vegusto sandwich slices

4 vegusto Luncheon rolls

2 vegusto pates

Nut butters/seed butters with jam, cheese, jam and cheese, coconut, beetroot, vegemite, chocolate spead, chocolate chips, sultanas, picked onions, agave, golden syrup, raisins and cinnamon etc etc

Houmous with roasted red peppers or pickled beetroot or guerkins or picked cabbage instead of just olives.

Also what about other flavoured houmous's. This is tesco's vegan list for example:


Jalapeno and Red Pepper Houmous

Organic Houmous

Reduced Fat Houmous 300g

Chunky Houmous 200g

Tesco Reduced Fat Red Pepper Houmous

Oaktree Estate Houmous

Reduced Fat Piri Piri Houmous

Broad Bean, Asparagus & Mint Houmous

Italian Houmous

Greek Houmous

Chargrilled Vegetable Salsa 200g

Caramelised Onion Houmous

Reduced Fat Houmous

Lemon & Coriander Houmous

Sweet Chilli Houmous

Tartex or granovita Pate – mushroom, herbs, tofu, tangy tomato, Vegetarian Tofu Pate - Spicy Mexican (contains palm oil though)

Marinated tofu (such as cauldron) with vegan mayo, hummus and sundried tomatoes

Taifun have lots of flavoured tofus that you could serve with different fillings such as

Smoked tofu with sweet chilli relish/mayo and roast peppers

Other flavours are

Smoked with almonds & seseme seeds

Smoked with herbs & sunflower seeds

Tofu Roso (flavoured with olives, tomatoes and pepperoni)

Tofu Basil Tofu olive

Hazelnut chocolate spread (asda or anthony w thompson from sainsburys) with raisins or chopped nuts or both

Plamil ‘milk’ chocolate spread

Plamil Orange milk chocolate spread

Vegan mayo, walnuts and sultanas

Baba ganoush (aubergine dip) with picked beetroot or roast peppers

Green/black olive tapenade with cheese or roasted red peppers

Onion bhaji and mayo

Salsa and mixed cabbage

Avocado with roasted peppers

Also many mock meats etc in cans such as


Braised tofu

Mocked duck

which will make great sandwich fillings with the right accompliments.

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