Dr Who and Toys on museum display

Photos taken in the lancaster museum last year when there was a Dr Who exhibition on.

Lovely to see all the toys from my childhood!

The reason I am just posting them is because I have only just worked out how to get the photos off my phone! That is why I keep taking photos and having photos of the day - love having a camera with me all the time! Now I know how to use it, I know it was worth me getting a phone with camera.

Photo of the day!

Tardis door! Photo taken at the Dr Who exhibition in Lancaster last year. More photos tomorrow!

My attempt at make up art!

Been painting with make up. I have some beauty without cruelty make up left over from when I used to wear make up and decided to see if I could 'paint' a canvas with it. I should of really kissed the canvas to get better lips, as these are not good and out of proportion!

Foundation base, powder and blusher added over. Eye shadows and eye liner finished with diamante eye lashes and lipstick! The lipstick didn't really want to dry, so I had to pat it a lot and then I coated it all in hairspray to set.

Savoury log cabin!

Look at this great food log cabin! Made mainly with sandwiches and pretzels. Chopped cucumber for the path, carrot for the chimney. Tomatoes for windows and doors and radishes for flowers in the garden. Make sandwiches of choice and use something like houmous to stick the pretzel roof, fence etc on with a bit on top of the carrot for smoke! How fantastic. Would definitely look good at a party for children or adults.
From cooking for your vegetarian kids by Roz Denny

Apple and Prune Cake

112g plain wholemeal bread flour (or ordinary wholemeal flour)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground mixed spice
1.5 tbsp sweet freedom (or golden syrup)
112g dried chopped prunes (or figs)
62ml pineapple juice (or apple juice)
62ml rapeseed vegetable oil (or sunflower oil)
1 eating apple
optional 1 tbsp sunflower seeds

Grease a 20cm round cake tin or use a silicone one like I did - no need to grease!
Heat oven to 180C/350F/gas 4 or 160C fan oven.
Sift flour into mixing bowl, returning the bran, add the baking powder and spice. Add the sweet freedom, chopped prunes, juice and oil. Grate the apple into the bowl. Beat until mixed, then put into the cake tin and spread to level. OPTIONAL: sprinkle with sunflower seeds
Bake for 30 mins. Turn out onto a wire rack and cool. Enjoy! Can also be served with soya cream.

This recipe was adapted from a apple and fig recipe and all the bracket options are the original recipe choices. I have made the original which was double this recipe in a deeper 20cm tin and baked for 1 hour. The original I thought had too much spice, but this one was just fine. I have also made the recipe lower fat by 32ml oil and an additonal 32ml or juice and it worked fine. Original was from a book called 'eat to beat the menapause', author was a Linda I believe, as I only have a page I photocopied from a library book

Photo of the day!

It was so weird getting a 72 carriage train to ourselves, I just had to take a photo!

Lentil pate revisited

Had lentils to use up, so out came the lentil pate recipe that I made a couple of years ago. I can't believe i've left it so long as I really like it. I did increase the lentils to 175g as this is what I had to use up and I added a couple of extra garlic gloves. It was the texture of whipped potato, firming up when cold. So I could of also added a extra slice of breadcrumbs!