Recipe testers wanted

Anyone want to test any recipes for a banana themed recipe book i've wrote? Cakes, muffins, biscuits etc.
Anyone fancy testing cakes, cookies and puddings?
Banana chocolate and bread pudding Banana and date pudding cake
Banana sponge cake
Banana bread and butter pudding
Fruity chocolate crumble
Banana wheat loaf
Banana nut muffins
Banana jam pudding
Banana fudge torte
Banana coconut bars
Fruity slice
Chocolate banana pudding
Apple and Banana Crumble layer
Fruit and nut mince pies
Carrot and banana cake
Almond, Orange and Coconut cake
Fat free banana cookies

Or perhaps cold puddings?
Almond glory
Banana pudding dessert
Tropical mouse
Banana split
Banana fool
Chocolate pudding
Banana Cream pie

There is more recipes, but will see how it goes with recipe testing first.