Sausage Crumble!

Use up what I have to sausage crumble!

This is not really a recipe. Just use how much you think to make the amount you want to serve. This is what I did to serve 3-6! I basically made a sort of dry sausage casserole and topped it with crumble and baked it. But the amounts are totally flexible

1 onion
16 bitesize rolls of vegan sausage meat mix made up. Sorry don't know how much of this, as I made the whole packet up and will be using it over three days making different things.
Large handful of cranberries
1 apple
some sweet yellow and orange pepper. I used about half a pepper in total
1 mushroom
a sprinkle of black pepper
3 slices seeded bread
handful of oats
3 tbsp margarine
2 tbsp nutritional yeast

I made up the dry vegan sausage mix. I then rolled up 10 balls of it. Although the shape doesn't really matter as I ended up chopping them up anyway. Chop the onion. Fry the onion and sausages in rapeseed oil. Add the cranberries, a chopped apple, any other veg, I added pepper and mushroom. Adding a drop of water to make a slight sauce from the bits that stick to the pan. Put into contain/s to bake.

Crumble up the bread, rub in the margarine and then stir in the oats and nutrition yeast and black pepper to taste. Put on top of the bake and cook for about 30-40 minutes at about 190. Serve with steamed veg.

Banana and cranberry soft flapjacks

Banana and cranberry soft flapjacks

125g margarine (I used vitalite)
40g rapeseed oil
4 Tbsp Sweet freedom
240g oats
2 bananas
60g raisins
60g cranberries

Put the oven on at gas 7. Melt the margarine, add the oil. Add the bananas mashing into the oil, add the sweet freedom and fruit. Then mix in the oats. Press into a baking tray and cook for about 25-30 minutes in the pre-heated oven. Turn the tray half way through. The edges can get very crispy so I cook it on a low shelf to try to prevent this. When golden and firm, take out and leave to cool. Cut into 16 pieces and serve.

Christmas on a fork!

Sticky cranberry sausages veganised from Nigel Slater's 12 Tastes of Christmas

Recipe and video       

I used rapeseed oil because that is what I use and white onion as I didn't have any red in. It was delicious and has Nigel described it Christmas on a fork! His recipe is designed as party food to pass round at a party and serves 10. I used 2 linda mccartney sausages chopped up, one onion and probably the same of everything else and served one, but could of split it to two! Although I loved it as is, I will buy some red onions and try this again with some sausage mix that I bought reduced that I have to use up.

Vegan Shepherd pie

Look at the presentation on this vegan shepherd pie. I usually just put the stew part on my plate then top with mash. I think I will try this when the family come over with the piped mash, its looks so good.