Beetroot Houmous

I added beetroot to houmous and mixed in to make beetroot (beet) houmous

When I made this one, I used 1/4 tub houmous, and then added 1 slice of raw chopped beetroot (wash and peel first) and mixed in. This make a lumpy houmous that is very pink! This is enough for 1-2 sandwiches depending on how thick you want it.

I then served with salad and sprouted mung beans and peppers on wholewheat bread to make a delicious sandwich.
There are several ways to make beetroot houmous as you can use it raw, cooked, picked or roasted. If you are making your own houmous you would just blend it in, but I like to just chop and add in to ready make houmous to make it easier. You might find this surprising as I make a lot of different sandwich fillings and I am writing a vegan sandwich book. But the simple fact is I prefer shop bought to home made and also I didn't want to include a recipe in my book for houmous as its so easy to buy, but I did want to include a pimping your own houmous ideas section, so hence I have been trying a few from my list. Plan to publish this article tomorrow.

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