Chocolate Squares

Saw this recipe on a couple of blog hops this week and just had to a version of it. I had a reason to make some for work and this picture is how they turned out. I didn't add the top chocolate layer as I'm not eating chocolate and didn't have enough oil to make chocolate.

I didn't have quite enough coconut milk, but just used a bit more coconut oil and they turned out yummy. One girl from work, picked up a second as soon as she had eaten the first and say they certainly hit the spot! I was pleased to say, everyone liked them. So thanks to for coming up with these. 

This is my slight variation, as I used different quantities, desiccated coconut instead of coconut flour and ground almonds instead of almond flour (or perhaps its the same thing). See sweetly raw for instructions, this is what I used to make there very yummy desserts, of which I restricted myself to only two, but could of easily eaten them all. I cut them small and made 16.

I used 
Ground almonds instead of almond flour
Unsweetened desiccated coconut instead of coconut flour
it took 3tsp of water for me, but that's perhaps because of the different ingredients

I only used 165ml of coconut milk, as that's the size can I had, so added 2 extra tbsp. of coconut oil

It took a 250g bag plus 4 dates to make this and almost a bag of ground almonds, so wasn't cheap, around £5, but lovely as a special treat if you can afford it. 

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