Pimp my houmous

Houmous is so easily available nowadays and it also comes in different flavours, but why not try pimping your houmous and coming up with many flavour combinations. Use the shop bought flavours as inspiration or why not just look in your cupboards and see what sauces etc you have that may work. Try a small amount first incase it just doesn't work.

Try adding to your basic shop bought or homemade houmous any of these ingredients to make new flavours of houmous.

Artichoke and spinach
Avocado and tomato
Beetroot (beets) - roasted, raw, cooked or pickled
Broad beans and asparagus
Chilli flakes and garlic for a spicy one
Cumin and garam masala
Curry powder
Different herbs
Fennel and lemon
Mango salsa and tomato or avocado
Pizza style - crushed dried red pepper, tomato puree, nutritional yeast and basil
Roasted peppers
Roasted vegetable
Seeded jalapeno pepper for a houmous with a kick!
Smoked paprika
Soaked dates and cayenne pepper
Spices such as cumin, coriander and tarragon
Sun dried tomatoes
Tomato and basil
Tomato paste or sun dried tomato paste
Tomato salsa

Think of different flavours around the world and make versions inspired my different regions, such as a pizza one for Italy, a curry one for India, a Morocan spiced one. Or why not add chunks of food such as falafels for a middle eastern theme.

If making your own try different beans such as black beans, broad beans, cannellini beans
also try replacing the tahini with a nut butter such as almond butter.

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