Mini Turkish Cakes

The other day I decided to make something special and a little different for National Chocolate Week. So inspired by jaffa cakes I made Turkish style mini cakes with a turkish delight filling and chocolate and pistachio nut topping.

I used the recipe for the mini sponges from the book Ms Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town from the recipe for jaffa cakes. I have just done a search and its available on the net here

Make sure to sift the flour!

 I actually used water instead of soya or rice milk. It makes it soya free, saves money and less calories. I think they was better when I made them with soya milk last time. I think I will make the bases again soon, so I can decide if its worth doing this again or not as they were a bit dense, but still tasty!

 I use ordinary cupcake pans, no need to go out and buy whoopie pans!

 Just out of the oven, having there 2 minute rest!
 Chocolate and margarine melting together. 
 This is the turkish delight i used available for less then a pound from home bargains.
A slice of turkish delight on top of the buns. I will make these smaller next time as they were too thick to bite into!
Top with broken pistachio nuts, I just bashed them in the bag!
Eat and enjoy, yummy! I like to eat the turkish delight off the top first, with the coating of chocolate it just reminds me of the chocolate coated ones I used to eat before becoming vegan. Next time I will add a drop of rose water.
I love the idea of using the mini cakes and topping them with different fillings and chocolate and sprinkles. There is so many possibilities.
UPDATE: These freeze well!

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