The Vegan Table mini book review

I don't know about you but when I get a new cookbook I go through it and list all that I want to try and the pages they are on. This book is a bit higgledy piggledy though as is in seasons and then meals. I like my list to be in a sort of order such as soup/starters/snacks/lunches/side dishes/main dishes and then desserts.
My list from this book starts with a red velvet cake, goes on to a sandwich spread, then truffles, then pesto, another cakes, another sandwich etc. I think I will have to rewrite my list out in a orderly fashion! I know then if I want to do a dessert it will be at the end of the list, and not beginning, middle and end!
The recipes look great however and I look forward to trying some. Today I tried the better than tuna salad. Now this looked great and tasted great, but even with two teaspoons of kelp powder, it didn't taste anything like tuna! Luckily I wasn't expecting it too, but loved it - but I would it has chickpeas in it!!

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  1. chickpeas are always good - sweet or savoury:)