Chocolate raisin biscuit squares or bars.

These make lovely presents either cut into squares on into marble biscuit bars. Its a great no cook recipe.

135-150g biscuits -ginger, rich tea, digestive (bisca danish ones and rich tea both were lovely)
70g coconut oil
50g margarine (I used vitalite and have used all vitalite instead of using coconut oil as well)
200g dark chocolate (the 30p bars from tesco/morrisons are good for these to keep the cost down!)
1 tbsp syrup (such as agave, sweet freedom or golden)
50-80g raisins or sultanas (OR to make a ginger version use 50g crystalised ginger instead)

200g dark chocolate
25-50g 'milk' or 'white' chocolate freefrom buttons
Makes approx 12 bars or 24 mini bites

Base making
Crush biscuits into small pieces, but not crumbs (use a bag to make it easier)
Put margarine/oil, chocolate and syrup into a large heavy based saucepan and set over low heat. Let melt, stirring continuously if you can. Take off heat, add bisucits and raisins or ginger and mix well to coat in chocolate. Pour into a prepared tin and transfer to the fridge to set. (or freezer if your in a hurry!)

Melt dark chocolate. I just pop into into a pyrex bowl, set over another pyrex bowl with hot water in and occasionally stir. I replace the water once its half melted and then just leave it for a bit and then come back and stir. You can of course do this over boiling water, but I just find this easier as I can get on with other things.Spread melted chocoate over the base, return to fridge to set.

To decorate melt the 'milk' or 'white' buttons. Then decorate with a fork to create a marble effect, drizzling it back and forth or just pour in diagonal lines if easier with a spoon or just any random pattern.
Once set, cut into bars/squares with a hot knife. The bars will keep sotred in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

Other chopped dried fruit and nuts can be used instead. The amounts aren't set in stone. You basically just need enough chocolate/fat to stop it being crumbly and if it turns out crumbly at least it will still be tasty!

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