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GUIDE ONE - Co-op supermarket

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They have a range of bakery items and this includes about 4 different fruit pies, doughnuts and an apple puff pastry. They also have a puff pastry mince pie which are seasonal and seasonal donuts such as halloween iced donuts and xmas iced donuts. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE NEW PINK ICED SIMPSONS DONUTS AT CO-OP ARE NOT VEGAN AS THEY CONTAIN DAIRY and THE PLAIN GLAZED RING DONUTS ARE NOT VEGAN AS THEY CONTAIN EGGS AND DAIRY and THE PINK ICED NON SIMPSON ONES ARE ALSO NOT VEGAN AS THEY CONTAIN E901 (BEESWAX). LOTS OF THE RING DONUTS NOW CONTAIN E901 BEESWAX, SO CHECK FIRST.


 Dumpling Mix can be used to top a cobbler, so therefore for a sweet dish.

Pies - apple, rhubarb, gooseberry, apple and blackberry and my favourite cherry!
The round ball jam and custard doughnuts are vegan. 
Best to buy fresh rather than reduced as they can become dry.
The ball doughnut ingredients as of December 2014 are:

Apple pie ingredients
Apple puff pastry pies

jam doughnut ingredients
rhubarb pie ingredients

 Several flavoured raisins

seasonal puff pastry mince pie

Co-op own brand sorbets in raspberry and lemon flavours.

This dairy free fudge is often sold in co-op

Some of the cake mixes are vegan just use one of the many egg replacers. They also have vegan pastry mix and crumble mix and canned pie fruit, so easy to make a pie or a crumble! They also of course sell canned fruit and frozen fruit.

Coop also do vegan hot cross buns. Some of there chocolate and sweets are also vegan. Plenty of biscuits are also vegan and they also sell non dairy 'milks' and soya cream and sometimes stock vegan fruit in jellies. They don't seem to have any own brands vegan ice cream or sorbets, but some coops may stock vanilla swedish glace (owned by unilever). Some coops sell Mrs Crimbles fruit cakes. Coop also stock Lyles strawberry syrup and Lyles butterscotch syrup. See this website for lazy dessert ideas with supermarket products. 
Depending on the size of your coop there are many non coop dessert products that are sold in supermarkets. I have also spotted provamel desserts in custard, chocolate and caramel flavours and fabulous fudge factory dairy free fudge which is vegan.

Greens carmelle, just add 'milk'. Also greens lemon pie filling.
Jus Rol have had vegan pastry for years, then expanded there range to include pain au chocolat, apple danish, cinnamon swirls and croissants. There a bake it at home range. (Also include pizza bases and garlic bread) Available in good supermarkets.

Other supermarket items are birds original custard - just make with a milk alternative. There is of course plenty of brands of fruit in fruit juice. Coop used to sell own brand fruit in jellies, but I don't know if they still do. They sell trek bars and nakd bars which at a push could be classed as dessert! They also sell Aunt Bessies Apple crumbles in the freezer and frozen fruit and sometimes vegan fruit lollies.

There is usually some finds in the baby aisle too such as these.

Some Co-ops in the highlands of Scotland sell Macleans Highland bakery products and some of the desserts are vegan, including plain scones, raisin scones, plain griddle scones, raisin griddle scones. Raspberry and pineapple cupcakes (they are pastry, jam, cream and fondant). They also do lots of bread, potato cakes etc. They are based in Forres, Morayshire and also have bakery shops in the area. More pictures to follow.

Another Scottish find. Fords iced apple squares. Found in the Glasgow area.

Co-ops in the Norfolk area sell these cakes
Please note that although these cakes say vegan, there is some labelled vegan with honey in. So please read the labels. It has been reported to them.

So your co-op may sell regional things too!

This hobnob biscuit offer is on until the end of the year! Both vegan.

They also label their juices well. 

Not a sweet treat, but this is the bread rolls that are vegan.

What have you spotted in co-op? Help me make this post a useful resource. Latest coop list.

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  1. Just found out - As of 10th March 2014 Co-op Custard & Jam Doughnuts have been removed from their vegan list!! - Just a heads up for people... as it's hard to keep checking all the time.

  2. Thansk Andrea. They haven't been on there list for a long time now Andrea. Due to the possible cross contamination with milk, eggs and fish they have chosen not too put them on any vegetarian or vegan list. There is no intentional animal ingredients, its just the usual possible cross contamination issues.

  3. Are the Co-op own brand pink iced doughnuts vegan?

    1. No the pink iced ones are not vegan. But recipes often chance, so you never now in future, but not currently.

    2. Actually the only allergen listed is wheat. x

    3. Unfortunately as mentioned above there is E901 listed as an ingredient which is beeswax so therefore not vegan. Would be nice if they took it out, I guess if we complain enough they might.

  4. Very useful shopping list - we'll have a good browse at our local Coop - thanks.

  5. Hey! This list is great but I was just on the 'vegan find uk' Facebook group and one of the members posted an email from the Co-op from November this year that stated that even though the jam doughnuts are suitable despite the risk of cross contamination that the custard ones aren't.

    1. Hi, I had noticed the ambiguous info about the coop doughnuts, and because they are mentioned as vegan on the l plate vegan by VIVA Jane Easton from Viva has been emailed and looking into this. This was what she found out.
      Hi again, am currently investigating the Co-op doughnut fiasco! Phoned them this morning. It’s an allergen issue basically – because staff ‘handle’ the products (ie bag them up in-store) the Co-op say they can’t guarantee there’s been no cross-contamination of allergenic substances, eg gluten etc. However, as I keep trying to explain to companies, that’s not necessarily an issue for vegans –the traces, if any, are so microscopic that it’s acceptable. All companies need to do is alter their labelling so it reads ‘not suitable for blah because of possible cross contamination … but contains no animal products so suitable for vegans’. I have left a message and the branding department (!) are supposed to get back to me so here’s hoping.

      The Vegan Society worked with the FSA (Food Standard Agency) and this is the sensible statement they issued – scroll down for the FSA’s bit. It’s worth sending this link to companies as it words it in a language that they recognise! Basically, they are all terrified of being sued by someone who has a big reaction to an allergen but doing what FSA suggests would be the best outcome for everyone.

      So if you want to take issue with Co-op and any other company’s policy on this, do phone, email or whatever if you have time – the more of us who complain and offer a constructive alternative, the more likely they are to get with the programme.

      In the meantime… I’ll alter the L-Plate Vegan stuff once I speak to my colleague.

      Allergen labelling
      Advice on possible confusion regarding allergen labelling.

  6. HI ..As a new vegan I can't thankyou enough for doing this, it seems to be the most informative site i've found thanks so very much!

    1. I do hope you can join our facebook support group to if you are a new vegan. We have a fb page called the vegan womble and a group called vegan womble chat room. I specialise in helping new vegans as I now have over 20 years experience. :)

  7. Hi, please can someone tell me, as I am new to being a vegan, a lot of these foods above contain palm oil..... how do I know if this was sourced ethically or not as I was told to avoid it! Thanks!

    1. Technically palm oil is a vegan product, so I do list products with it in. It is of course a personal choice if you want to avoid it as ethically it is not so good. However a lot of companies are getting better and using substainably sourced palm oil. If you look on websites for supermarkets they will tell you if they use it or if they are working towards it etc. Also there is many sites saying which companies use substainable palm oil, although some are a bit out of date now as some more companies have made the switch. A lot of research is the only answer if you want to avoid it.

  8. Thank you so much this was super helpful! I'm not a vegan but am an Ann Summers rep and am doing a party tonight where one of the guests is vegan but the host has requested a game involving sweets and cream so was desperately looking for a vegan alternative for the guest! Thanks again very helpful xxx

  9. Thanks for this! I do love sweet things you know being 13 and I have been vegan for 6 months now so still quite new to it but this was very helpful because pastries and pies are one of my favourite things, I would be lying if I said i didn't miss dairy but they are totally not worth it, I mean how cruel can we get, and it's great for the environment and when I am older I am going to be raw till 4, this was really helpful! Thanks!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you very much. My little girl has allergies to milk (dairy) and eggs since she was 6 months old now 8 years of age. Despite the passage of time it is always helpful and useful to find more information even something as simplistic as being able to buy in store baked products such as donuts. Although your website is for vegans your site has helped a little girl by allowing her to increase her ranged of foods which has in turn made her very happy. Perhaps in time we will all follow her lead and become vegans.

  11. Thankyou rely on this site more than I should!

  12. The rocky road isn't SFV as the marshmallows have gelatine :(

    1. Hi, Co-op brand isn't vegan. However the Lazy Days brand in the article is. It even says vegan on the pack. I believe all their range is vegan. When it first came out it wasn't. However after many complaints from vegans, they soon changed it. Thanks Sandra