Love it when leftovers and things that need using up made a great meal.

I made a nice stew with 1 onion, some leftover potatoes, 1/2 jar leftover pasta sauce, 1/2 can baked beans, some leftover tomato puree, 1 red pepper that needed using up, sausages from a dry mix that was well past its best before date and ground almonds that were best before the end of April. Yummy and enough for some tomorrow too!
Made vegan snickers bars from this recipe but substituting sweet freedom instead of maple syrup or agave syrup.

Verdict: love the chocolate, but the date syrup was too sweet. Will try again and maybe use raisins instead of dates and see if thats better or perhaps I should just use agave syrup as the recipe states. Sorry no photo's.

Also note there was more filling than chocolate, so next time i'm going to double the chocolate.

Made it again and didn't need to double the chocolate after all, I just needed to soak the dates/raisins for longer.

This is the improved version.

Vegan snicker cups