Scrambled tofu made with Vegg

As you will know I got a free pack of Vegg to review and a cookbook. So the next recipe for me to try was scrambled tofu as a Thursday is have a different breakfast day in this household!

The recipe was basically tofu, Vegg, spring onions and seasoning. I didn't have any spring onions, but don't remember having used them when making scrambled eggs before becoming a vegan, so thought i'd just miss them out.

As per the instructions I used half a pack of tofu, but there was far to much Vegg mixture to the tofu. Now this is where I was wishing I had replaced the spring onions with something else. But anyway I decided to add the other half pack in to see if this improved it.

As you can see, so much better and really like the texture of scrambled tofu now. I served it on toast.
I was very pleased with the texture and taste of this. The Vegg really does give it a eggy taste, far more than the turmeric version I have been doing for the last 20 years!
I would recommend the Vegg for scrambled tofu.
I am giving a copy of The Vegg and The Vegg cookbook away during February, see this post for details.
Open to UK only residents this time and closes at the end of February.

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