Vegan fried egg using tofu and The Vegg

I was very kindly sent a packet of The Vegg mixture to try and a copy of the cookbook. Currently only really available online, but hopefully will be available in health food stores soon. I like it so far, but did find the recipe book had a few complicated recipes including a friend egg that sounded like a science experiment using odd ingredients which I would have no idea where to buy. So I went for the easy option. I opened a pack of firm silken tofu and sliced it thin, shaping it a little to round the corners a bit to give it a bit more of a fried egg shape. This didn't use the whole pack and the rest will be whizzed up with cocoa and sweetener to make a chocolate pudding! So this was fried with a sprinkle of black salt and pepper on both sides to give it even more of a egg taste. Black salt smells like eggs due to the sulphur smell. This wasn't essential, but seen others had done it and I had the black salt anyway. I make up The Vegg yolk which you just whizz up with water in a blender for 15 seconds, very simple. Once the tofu white was fried on both sides I microwaved the yolk to warm and toasted some toast to serve it on. Once the toast was 'buttered' with margarine I added the tofu white and then poured the yolk over it. Very tasty and filling and something I would do again. A lot of the recipe in the book I would not use, but I am very impressed by this recipe and the scrambled tofu recipe that i used The Vegg for the other day and even if these were the only two recipes I used it for, it would still be worth buying.

I am giving a copy of The Vegg and The Vegg cookbook away during February, see this post for details.
Open to UK only residents this time and closes at the end of February.


  1. Ooh I may have a go at this! I used the Vegg for the first time by making scrambled tofu which was really nice. I wanted to make the scrambled veggs but I agree, a lot of the recipes are really complicated. I suppose another simple way of using it would be to heat up the vegg and dip toast soldiers in it, I used to love that :)

    1. Definitely worth a try. If you liked the scramble I am sure you will like this. I am going to try the bread soldier dipping too!